Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Remember Me?!

Well, howdy, all!  I know, I know..."Where the hell have you been?!" is a totally appropriate question. 
But I don't have any exotic exciting answer.  Just kind of got off the logging train for a while.  Not sure if I am really even back. But wanted everyone to know that even if you are on the verge of giving up on me (and rightfully so!), I am still keeping track of you. 

TJ, I am jealous of the Hawaii trip. Suzi, wow girl, what can I say?  I am proud of you.  Jack is busy trying to create an international incident in Italy, etc, etc.

So, you see, I am paying attention. 

What brought me in this morning was that I have been busy cleaning out all the favorites accumulated on my computer (after suffering a major malware attack!) and realized that so many blogs are gone! Poof, disappeared, no goodbye, no kiss off, no nothin'.  And as I delete them, one by one, I am thinking you're all thinking I went poof, too!

But, nope, I am here!  And I will continue to post sporadically for a while and hopefully more often if I can find my mojo, which is buried somewhere in this house, I swear it!!

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