Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weigh In and What To Do About It

Well, weigh in was not as bad as I expected.  I was down .2 actually which was a miracle.  But I need a bigger miracle so I am going to have to knuckle down and do this right. 

I have not been meeting my good health guidelines for starters, so this week I will map out every day ahead of time to make sure I get my dairies and oils in (which I am bad about) and quit eating crap every day that I don't need.  Its not hard, I have done it before, I just have to be disciplined about it.  And, starting yesterday, track, track, track and track some more.  If I am honestly tracking, I will honestly be losing!  I know that about myself and when I don't track, its because of the things I don't want to see, like the handful of almonds or the York Peppermint Patties, corn chip and get the idea.

I made some yummie meals the last couple of days.  Roasted Red Pepper and Herbed Pasta with Shrimp, really, really wonderful.  You can find the recipe at Cooking Light.  I changed up angel hair pasta for the penne, reduced the oil a little, and omitted the cheese completely.  Its works out to about 9 PP per very filling serving.  Whodda thunk one cup of pasta was so much?!

Last night we had Turkey Tenderloin with Tarragon Mushroom Gravy.  I don't remember where I found this recipe, but have tweaked enough that its mine now anyway.

Turkey Tenderloin w/Tarragon Mushroom Gravy

PointsPlus™ Value: 5

1 1/3 pound(s) Jennie-O Turkey Store Turkey breast tenderloins
2 Tbsp Best Foods Light Mayonnaise
2 tsp dried tarragon, divided in half
1 tsp lemon pepper
2 pkgs sliced crimini mushrooms (or slice your own)
1 cup diced raw onion
2 Tbsp all-purpose flour
15 oz fat-free chicken broth
1 Tbsp olive oil


Heat oven to 350?F. Spray large skillet with nonstick cooking spray. In bowl, combine mayonnaise, half the tarragon and pepper. Spread over turkey breast tenderloins.

Pan sear turkey.

Remove and set aside. Add up to 1 tblsp olive oil and mushrooms and onion to skillet. Cook 3 to 4 minutes, stirring frequently. Return turkey to skillet.

Pour about 1/3 of the broth and remaining tarragon over mushrooms. Cover and Cook 30 minutes.

Remove cover and cook and additional 15 to 30 minutes or until turkey is no longer pink in center. Remove turkey to serving dish and cover with foil to keep warm. Return mushrooms and broth to burner and bring to a boil. In a jar, add rest of broth to 2 tablespoons flour and shake vigorously until no lumps remain. Add slurry to hot pan with mushrooms. Whisk until a thickens and a smooth gravy is formed.

Serve with Mock Mashed Potatoes.

This is an incredibly good meal.  I actually weighed 3 oz of turkey tenderloin out.  Its not alot but I was satisfied with that.  I love the Mock Mashed Potatoes and they are free.  Smothered in low PP value gravy that is incredibly flavorful.  And with Asparagus on the side.   That's a good healthy meal!!  I will get back to taking pictures eventually.  In the meantime, try these and let me know what you think. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow, tough week!

This has been an incredibly awful week for me.  Work was hell and my eating was horrendous.  I mean, I ate really good food, just the wrong food and way to much of it.  Lets recount a few of the more glaring errors:

Avocados were on sale, so I bought 10 and made guacamole for the office on Monday.  That meant guac for breakfast and lunch along with the accompanying chips.  Now, mind you, I made the dip and the chips as WW friendly (baked chips, low fat additives to the guac) but there was no sense of portion control at all.  Damn good stuff, but...

Tuesday, left over chips and salsa that a co-worker contributed.  Score: Chips 2, Laura 2 lbs!

Wedsnesday, vendor meeting that spilled into lunch.  One of the best Mexican Food restaurants in town.  More chip, more salsa, refried beans with cheese, mexican rice, green chile beef.

I am going to get ex-communicated from Weight Watchers, you wait and see.  Did I write it down? NO!  Did that make it any less points?  Absolutely not! Tomorrow, I face the scale!  Crap!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long Walk in the Desert and Hubby-Pain-In-The-Ass!

I started this yesterday, but Blogger has been giving me fits.

I purchased a Groupon for a years family membership to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum which is a world famous zoo (actually) that features the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert.  Its actually quite a marvelous place.  Animals are in enclosures, not cages.  And the enclosures are designed to mimic their natural habitats.  I love it.  So it was a really good deal, but I had to get there and cash in my Groupon by April 1 or it would expire and I would lose the $25 I plunked down on it!  So today was the day. 

I asked Hubby-Pain-In-The-Ass (hereby referred to as HPITA) if he wanted to join me.  I emphatically told him that his presence was not required and that if he was going to be grumpy I would prefer he stay home.  No, no, he would go. "By the way, when are you coming back?  Game starts at 3!"  (Please, just shoot me now!)  I told him we should be able to get back by then but reminded him this was a very large place, I was not going to be hurried.  I wanted to go and take my time, take pictures and enjoy the day outdoors.   "No Problem."

We got there about 9 am and probably started walking around 9:30 or so after getting in and using the facilities.  At about 11:30 we got close to the restaurant and I asked him "Are you hungry or do you want to wait until we leave?", thinking we had just split a breakfast burrito and I wasn't really hungry and didn't really expect him to be.  "Well, when were you planning on leaving?" "I don't know, to get home by 3 we need to be moving that direction by 2:30, I guess."  "Oh no, my back won't take that!"  WTH?!  Since when do you have a back problem?

He was bored and wanted to go home.  I should have never taken him to begin with!  These are the days that test my marriage vows to the limits!!

I did get some good pics:

Can you see that beautiful hummingbird among the orange flowers?

The beautiful Harris Hawk.  They hunt in family groups and hunt like wolves where certain members of the pack will drive prey to the hawk that is aligned to make the kill.   This is a male, the female is larger and their society is matriarchal.

Speaking of wolves, a beautiful Mexican Grey Wolf.  They are slowly being re-introduced into the Sonoran desert after having been hunted to near extinction.  Needless to say there is a lot of controversy over this with all the cattle ranching that goes on in Arizona.

Bobcats!  Too cool!   The rock ledge they are laying on and the rock above them, in fact their entire enclosure is man made.  It looks so natural, you might not know if you weren't made aware of it.

A beautiful dried agave blossom from last year.  These make exquisite dried "flower" arrangements except they are about 10 feet tall!

When the desert blooms, the colors are incredible and its always amazing (at least to me) to see the juxtaposition of this delicate flowering next to the the apparent harshness of cactus. The yin and yang of the plant world.

This is Datura. Its highly toxic and can be fatal if misused.

This is quince?!  I have no idea, but it was really pretty.

The only time I really like doves is when they are nesting.  This little lady was totally undisturbed by the fact that I was invading her space.  As a matter fact, all the animals at this "zoo" are completely at ease around humans.  Even those in the wild, which are many.  Many of them were born here and have no fear of humans because we are not perceived as a threat.  They've never been harmed or even frightened by humans.  Whats to fear?

What is not to love about a hummingbird?

Another little momma reminding us that spring is here!

And another.  

I do like this new camera.  Its easy to use and takes a pretty good pic. 

Giveaway Winner!

Well, Christy, as you were the only person to respond, you get a great book.  Please email you address to me and I will be thrilled to send it right out to you.  It's an awesome book and I know you will love it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weigh In and Not Moving in the Right Direction

Very Frustrating!  Up .8  Its back and forth and back and forth and its frustrating.  I can't seem to find a rhythm to this weight loss dance since WW changed things up.  I mean, I am not doing horribly, but I just can't seem to make sense of it.  I am not find the formula that works best for me to keep me losing consistently.  Just have to keep plugging away at it, I guess.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

300th Post and a Giveaway!

Wow!  I have impressed me!  And now, I want to impress you.  In celebration of this auspicious occasion and my newly developed love of tasting good stuff, keeping it light and cooking in general, I want to give away a couple of copies of my favorite new book!

This wonderful tome will help you put together flavors so they enhance each other.  Want to cook some Butternut Squash, but not sure what spices work with that?  Look up Butternut Squash and find a bevy of wonderful herbs and spices to complement your dish.  Or, conversely, look up the spice and find something to use it on.  Great way to get introduced to new flavors!

So, whattya gotta do?!  Not much of anything.  Just pop in, say howdy!  and then I will give you a number and let a randomizer sort it out because I don't like to play favorites, I love ya'll equally! 

I will close this opportunity on Saturday, March 19th at 6 pm PST.  That'll give a anyone thats interested more than enough time to give me a shout out!

So what do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chips and Dip

Yesterday I made tacos for dinner, but I also made chips.

I have extolled the virtues of Arizona Brand Tortillas before, but in case you missed it, these damned things rock!!  Emphasis mine! 

These are made in Phoenix, but I know they are shipped everywhere, so if your grocer doesn't sell them, threaten to break his kneecaps or something til they get them for you.  You will love me forever. 

Its hard to see in this little picture, but under the words "Corn Tortillas" is written "Tacos and Tostadas".  That means these are extra thin to help get that great crunch you want when those items are on the menu.  I believe I might swear off making tacos if I couldn't get my hands on these!

Anway, because they are so thin, they are 1 WW PointPlus for 2 tortillas.

So, I also use them to make chips.  I slice them long ways, as opposed to triangular, because they seem to crisp up more evenly, but you can do it however you want.  I spray them with olive oil from my Prepara Pump bottle and toss them gently on a cookie sheet. Put them in a 400 degree oven and then watch them like a hawk!!  Ok, kind of a lazy hawk, but a hawk nontheless.  Once they start to brown, they will go quickly.  Once you start to see a little color, take a spatula and turn them over (as best you can) and then back in until they are done to your satisfaction.  These are just about right!

Then I take them out and sprinkle them with seasonings.  Not too much salt, but I like Nacho Cheddar Popcorn Salt and chili powder.   I can have 2 oz or 20 chips for 2 PointsPlus.  Thats really quite a bit.  They are crunchy, totally not greasy, very flavorful and if I want a dip, I can use salsa or I can (and do) mix some Light Sour Cream with Salsa.   That is a yummy dip and isn't a deal breaker. 

So if you are craving chips, here you go. 
Even if you eat an entire dozen tortillas worth of chips, its still only 9 PP, but don't do that!!  Save some room for a taco or two!

Shh!! Look Over There in the Followers Boxes ------>

Jack Sh*t has decided to follow me!!  Dayum!!  I feel...I feel...I don't know, like I am being followed or something!  But, don't get all excited or anything, he might up and leave and then I would be sad. 

Hi, Jack, Welcome.  Glad to have you!  I am honored!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh In Results, Dinner Last Night and Tonight!

Well, my weigh in was good.  Down .8. Better than the +1 of last week.  Then last night I copped out on dinner and we ordered Chinese.  But I did pretty good.  Had one adequate serving of each item (no white rice, yuck!), and stopped.  No seconds, no licking the spoons! A year ago, I would have gone in to a toxic sodium coma from consuming way too much of that stuff.  It was good, but knowng I have more control makes it soo much better. 

And then tonite we are having tacos.  You'd think it was my birthday week or something.  Nope, the planets just aligned properly and we are cruising the planet this week for eats.  I also baked 6 large chicken breasts, cut them up into 3 oz portions and froze them.  I have left overs from Friday, that 3 Citrus Chicken was really good and the bulgur I made to go with it was incredible (has mushrooms and asparagus in it!). My husband says there are too many choices and he doesn't know what to eat.  Such a problem.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tomorrow is Weigh In, What's for Dinner Tonight?

Tonight I am going to make Triple Citrus Chicken Breasts (only with just Double Citrus), and Bulgar Wheat with Carmelized Onions, Mushrooms and Asparagus.  This diet is killing me!!  NOT!

Size 14!

Well, I am soundly in a size 14 these days.  That's from a 22!  I can't even grasp that.  I see myself in the mirror and I know, I mean I can't miss, that I have lost a lot of weight.  I am only 15 lbs from goal, so I have accomplished  quite a bit, but there is that mind/body disconnect that I think so many of us struggle with.  I get loads of compliments and I am buying clothes hand over fist, and enjoying dressing up for the first time in many, many years.  But I still see that fat girl in the mirror sometimes.  This is a tough issue to overcome.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheeseburger and Fries!

I have been jonesing for a cheeseburger for a couple weeks now and today, I organized a lunch group to go hunt the illusive Burgersaurus and we found it.  And it was mighty tasty.  I had a burger with swiss cheese, green chilies and avocado!  Is that decadent or what?!  I could only eat half of it, tho' I did eat all my fries.  But you know what?  I did dang good.  It was filling enough to be lunch and dinner, so I think I can stretch my daily PP to cover it.  We'll see!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weigh In and Walk for the Cure

Up a pound at Weigh In.  This seems to be my way of lossing, down two one week and up one the next.  It takes so damned long to lose this way.  I wasn't terribly good at weighing and measuring last week so I will attribute my gain to that and start paying more attention.  I have no excuse not to weigh and measure.  I even have the tools at my desk at work if I get something from the cafeteria that I am not sure about. 

I dashed out of Weigh In and headed to meet up with my team for the Conquer Cancer Walk up Tumamoc Hill.  This is an annual event here and collect thousands of dollars that are kept in our community to assist those who are victims (and survivors) of cancer.  This was the first time I have participated. 

I got there about 7:30, I picked up my  T-Shirt, bright red with silver lettering and designs, and we (I was walking with co-workers) headed off about 8 am.  It was cool at first but in about 15 minutes we were already almost too warm.  All in all, its about 5 miles up a small hill in town.  Its not grueling but it was work.  At the top, brunch was served and it was really good.  

Because I had worn blisters on my heel we decided to ride the bus down.  Just about the time I got on the bus, I realized I didn't know where my car keys were!  Yikes! The bus pulled slowly down the hill and reached a Y in road at about a hundred yards.  There was a cop car there and I had the bus driver let me off the bus.  I went over and asked the officer if she wouldn't mind taking me back down the path so I could look for my keys.  She agreed and I hoped into the back seat of the squad car.  My first, and hopefully, last time to take a ride in the back of a squad car.  Uncomfortable! 

Anyway, she slowly drove down the entire road, in the center lane where possible so I could look along the roadside to see if I could see my keys.  No Luck!  I have another set, of course, but they were at home and hubby would have had to bring them to me from across town.  I really didn't want to make that call!  So Officer Friendly took me to where my vehicle was parked and I had her drop me by the team leader truck so I could look in the bed, thinking maybe, just maybe I layed in them in the bed of the truck when I picked up my T-Shirt.  As we pulled up to the pick up, we saw them, laying on the bumper of the truck in all their hot pink spring ring glory.  Thank you, God and Thank you, Tucson's Finest!  All in all, it was a great day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cancer Walk

This Saturday I will participate in a Conquer Cancer walk up an historical hill in town.  It helps to generate funds for the American Cancer Society and our company participates as a team and I am proud to say we are in 3rd place as of today in participants and funds.  Not too shabby!

What do I get out of this?  Well, there is the exercise.  And the free tee shirt (actually it cost me $40, but who's counting?) and a breakfast.   I know my gluts will be screaming by Monday morning and I will want to crawl into work.  Hubby has offered tea and sympathy.  Can't ask for much more.