Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh In Results, Dinner Last Night and Tonight!

Well, my weigh in was good.  Down .8. Better than the +1 of last week.  Then last night I copped out on dinner and we ordered Chinese.  But I did pretty good.  Had one adequate serving of each item (no white rice, yuck!), and stopped.  No seconds, no licking the spoons! A year ago, I would have gone in to a toxic sodium coma from consuming way too much of that stuff.  It was good, but knowng I have more control makes it soo much better. 

And then tonite we are having tacos.  You'd think it was my birthday week or something.  Nope, the planets just aligned properly and we are cruising the planet this week for eats.  I also baked 6 large chicken breasts, cut them up into 3 oz portions and froze them.  I have left overs from Friday, that 3 Citrus Chicken was really good and the bulgur I made to go with it was incredible (has mushrooms and asparagus in it!). My husband says there are too many choices and he doesn't know what to eat.  Such a problem.

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