Monday, March 14, 2011

Chips and Dip

Yesterday I made tacos for dinner, but I also made chips.

I have extolled the virtues of Arizona Brand Tortillas before, but in case you missed it, these damned things rock!!  Emphasis mine! 

These are made in Phoenix, but I know they are shipped everywhere, so if your grocer doesn't sell them, threaten to break his kneecaps or something til they get them for you.  You will love me forever. 

Its hard to see in this little picture, but under the words "Corn Tortillas" is written "Tacos and Tostadas".  That means these are extra thin to help get that great crunch you want when those items are on the menu.  I believe I might swear off making tacos if I couldn't get my hands on these!

Anway, because they are so thin, they are 1 WW PointPlus for 2 tortillas.

So, I also use them to make chips.  I slice them long ways, as opposed to triangular, because they seem to crisp up more evenly, but you can do it however you want.  I spray them with olive oil from my Prepara Pump bottle and toss them gently on a cookie sheet. Put them in a 400 degree oven and then watch them like a hawk!!  Ok, kind of a lazy hawk, but a hawk nontheless.  Once they start to brown, they will go quickly.  Once you start to see a little color, take a spatula and turn them over (as best you can) and then back in until they are done to your satisfaction.  These are just about right!

Then I take them out and sprinkle them with seasonings.  Not too much salt, but I like Nacho Cheddar Popcorn Salt and chili powder.   I can have 2 oz or 20 chips for 2 PointsPlus.  Thats really quite a bit.  They are crunchy, totally not greasy, very flavorful and if I want a dip, I can use salsa or I can (and do) mix some Light Sour Cream with Salsa.   That is a yummy dip and isn't a deal breaker. 

So if you are craving chips, here you go. 
Even if you eat an entire dozen tortillas worth of chips, its still only 9 PP, but don't do that!!  Save some room for a taco or two!

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