Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weigh In and Walk for the Cure

Up a pound at Weigh In.  This seems to be my way of lossing, down two one week and up one the next.  It takes so damned long to lose this way.  I wasn't terribly good at weighing and measuring last week so I will attribute my gain to that and start paying more attention.  I have no excuse not to weigh and measure.  I even have the tools at my desk at work if I get something from the cafeteria that I am not sure about. 

I dashed out of Weigh In and headed to meet up with my team for the Conquer Cancer Walk up Tumamoc Hill.  This is an annual event here and collect thousands of dollars that are kept in our community to assist those who are victims (and survivors) of cancer.  This was the first time I have participated. 

I got there about 7:30, I picked up my  T-Shirt, bright red with silver lettering and designs, and we (I was walking with co-workers) headed off about 8 am.  It was cool at first but in about 15 minutes we were already almost too warm.  All in all, its about 5 miles up a small hill in town.  Its not grueling but it was work.  At the top, brunch was served and it was really good.  

Because I had worn blisters on my heel we decided to ride the bus down.  Just about the time I got on the bus, I realized I didn't know where my car keys were!  Yikes! The bus pulled slowly down the hill and reached a Y in road at about a hundred yards.  There was a cop car there and I had the bus driver let me off the bus.  I went over and asked the officer if she wouldn't mind taking me back down the path so I could look for my keys.  She agreed and I hoped into the back seat of the squad car.  My first, and hopefully, last time to take a ride in the back of a squad car.  Uncomfortable! 

Anyway, she slowly drove down the entire road, in the center lane where possible so I could look along the roadside to see if I could see my keys.  No Luck!  I have another set, of course, but they were at home and hubby would have had to bring them to me from across town.  I really didn't want to make that call!  So Officer Friendly took me to where my vehicle was parked and I had her drop me by the team leader truck so I could look in the bed, thinking maybe, just maybe I layed in them in the bed of the truck when I picked up my T-Shirt.  As we pulled up to the pick up, we saw them, laying on the bumper of the truck in all their hot pink spring ring glory.  Thank you, God and Thank you, Tucson's Finest!  All in all, it was a great day!

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