Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weigh In and Get a Load of This!

Another 2 lbs GONE!!  Is that awesome or what?! I feel so good about these losses.  I haven't posted significant losses in months and now, all of a sudden, I am dropping rapidly.  I am within 3 pounds of my 50 pound loss and 13 pounds of goal if I continue to strive for 150. 

My back is still miserable, although better than it initially was.  I think its time to go back to the doctor for a follow-up.  The source of the pain seems to have shifted upwards so maybe its not was I thought it was at first.  I think an MRI might be in order and then, hoping it finds nothing, some physical therapy.  This kind of pain really wears you out.  The other problem is I take pain meds to dull the roar that is my pain and then wind up exacerbating the issue because I do too much because I don't hurt!  Vicious circle! 

I am making chicken enchiladas tonight.  I will try to get some pictures posted.  I make them as WW friendly as I can and do a pretty good job.  The biggest problem with enchiladas used to be portion control, but I can no longer eat my weight in them.  A couple is very satisfying so I can make a batch and take them for lunch during the week. 

I like being a Weight Watcher!

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