Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weigh In and Back on Track

Weigh in was super this week, -1.8 lb, almost 2 pounds.  I have to attribute it to eating way less than my allotted PointPlus.  While I like having my 0 PP fruit, I do think it adds a bit too many sugars/carbs, natural though they may be, for my particular body to lose on.  So I am being more judicious in my use of fruits, I have added red pears to my repetoire because, well I like them, and they have an abudance of fiber which does me a world of good. I have quit grapes and am about to quit bananas, or eat less of them or smaller ones, or something because I love bananas, but all those starches...

I also tracked really well week.  I ate the same thing every day for my lunch/dinner (see Stuffed Bell Peppers below) so that made tracking easy and they were incredibly good for only 7 PP each.  I ate alot of veggie omelets too, with maybe an ounce of ham thrown in.  I use Eggbeaters or 1 egg and 2 egg whites for my omelets, so tons of protien, lots of veggies, and good filling foods.  I noticed in eating last week that I got alot more of my good health guidelines covered that I had been recently, so that probably had a lot to do with my loss also. 

So, good week.  OH, and the back has let up considerably!!  So Laura is a happy camper this morning.

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