Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What's your favorite sandwich? Mine is a BLT!  With lots of bacon, and tomato and some token lettuce.  Oh, and lets not forget the mayonnaise! 

For obvious reasons, I don't do BLTs all that often, but today, I wanted the whole enchilada. 12 Grain bread, 4, at least, slices of bacon, three good slices of tomato, and don't forget the green stuff.  And a glass of really cold milk! It was so good and I paid 16 PPs for it.  Worth every bite!!

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  1. Mmm. BLTs are excellent. I love egg sandwiches. Milton's Multi-Grain Bread (http://www.miltonsbaking.com/product-detail/multi-grain), a hard egg, a slice of Kraft American cheese, and maaaybe Canadian Bacon. Nothing fancy. For more special occasions, Monte Cristos are my favorite. :)