Sunday, April 17, 2011

OH, My Aching Back!

Yes, folks, I have done my back in.  Too much camping fun, throwing around 5 gallon water jugs, walking over uneven terrain, boogeying my behind off and my back has decided enough is quite enough already!! 

Monday morning I woke up almost unable to move.  Could not get a doctor's appointment until Friday.  This has happened to me before, its a form of arthritis and I have the misfortune to have it in my lower back. Its been a while since I have had a flare up and I hadn't missed it a bit!

So, the good Dr. put me on some decent pain meds (Tramadol, cause I don't like narcotics and it works well for me) and I ordered a new TENS unit cause I don't know where my old one disappeared to! 

I didn't go to WI, I just couldn't imagine sitting in one of those chairs for 5 minutes, much less 30!  Hopefully, by Saturday, I will be feeling significantly better and will go then.  I am not using this as an excuse to get off plan, that won't happen.  Just don't have any stats to report.

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