Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weigh in and Hanging in There!

I had a pretty good weigh in all things considered.  As I previously mentioned, I didn't go to my meeting a week ago because I was in too much pain.  So I weighed myself at home and was up ALOT, like 4 pounds!!  Yes, 4 days of incredible amounts of alcohol and living on scrounging "what you can find because this campground cum mudbog" isn't what you envisioned when you planned your trip really did add up.  Now, most of it was water, and tons of sodium no doubt.  So when I went to my meeting yesterday and was up 1.6 lbs, I felt pretty damned good!!
So, while my back is still killing me, I am back on track. 

Today is Easter and the kids will come to eat.  I am making a ham, some potatoes, and probably asparagus.  I also already made some stuffed peppers for the week. I can take these to lunch.  They are very point friendly and I won't be depending on Easter leftovers to get me thru the week.  I will send a great deal of ham home with them, husband will have a load of it for his sandwiches and I can pretend like ham doesn't exist which isn't all that hard for me, not being a big ham fan.

Oh, want to see my peppers?

These are so incredibly simple to make, that posting a recipe is almost a sham. 

First thing I do is make a pot of Royal Blend Rice.  One cup uncooked makes about 2 3/4 cups cooked rice.  I actually made my rice several hours in advance of making the rest of the ingredients.  (Do it the night before or this can be a good way to use up left over rice from Chinese take out (you are not doing that are you?) or brown rice from dinner. 

Later I browned 14 oz (.85 of  a pound) of lean ground beef and seasoned with pepper, fajita seasoning, red chili powder, garlic powder (just a lot of our favorite seasonings and I tend to go Mexican whenever there is a blend like this).  Notice I didn't say salt!  Alot of the ingredients yet to come, contain alot of salt.  Hold off for a bit.  Spices are always to the consumer's taste.  I like stuff spicy, but not everyone does, so make it taste like you want it to taste.

Once my meat was no longer showing any pink, I mixed in my rice.  Then, I dumped a can of Rotel's in there! It could have used two, because I like it hot, but I only had one.  So I also added a can of stewed tomatoes with green pepper, onion and herbs or something.  Remember the salt warning.  These tomato ingredients are incredibly heavy in sodium.  Do not add salt until you have tasted your filling. At this point,  I will bet that this will be more than salty enough for you.

If you haven't already, scalp your bell peppers and pull out the ribs.  Rinse them off and set them in some kind of oven proof dish.  Fill them with the meat and rice mixture.  Go ahead and pack 'em down a little bit.  Now, you can always take whatever doesn't fit in the pepper and pack it up for the freezer, or like I did, dump it around the base of the peppers. 

Pop them in 350 oven for about an hour.  Then I sprinkled a little token cheese on them and broiled them for a few more minutes.  Now if you really want cheese, I would slice these things in half long ways before stuffing and really cheese them up at the end (but you didn't hear that from This Weight Watcher!)

Anyway, thats where I am, what and how I am doing.  As long as this back is acting up, I am basically in survival mode.  Not much fun to be found until the body heals.  But still on the right path and that's all anyone can ask of me right now.

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