Friday, July 8, 2011

Pictures (What Am Doing!?!)

I have never liked to have my picture taken!  I just honestly don't take a good photo.  Only pictures of myself that I have ever liked were done by a professional photog with serious airbrushing skills.  So there is not alot of pics of me around.  And the ones I have, I don't share readily.  But right now I am struggling to lose those last few pounds that are so damned difficult to shed and I thought a retrospective might give me a leg up.

And entertain you!! 

This first was Christmas 2009.  I had been a Weight Watcher all of 3 months at this time.

This next one is February 2010, so into it 6 months                                                                                       

This blurry thing was taken earlier this year.  Its one of a few full body shots I have.  I am getting a little less uncomfortable about having my picture taken.

This last one just a week or so ago.  I am seriously impressed by the change in my face alone.  I will never like the camera, but I can at least smile a little easier.

All in all, I am doing pretty good!                                                               

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