Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Day!

I dressed up for work today.  I do that on occasion but today was a little different.  I wore a skirt and blouse(s).  The under blouse was the first thing I put on over my unmentionables (how come I can't mention them?) and then I decided to pull the skirt over my head instead of stepping into it. 

Now, Ladies, we all know the difference in this approach to getting dressed while the subtlety will escape the guys.  I digress.  In pulling the skirt over my head, my under blouse was automatically "tucked in".  What?  Tucked in and looking sharp!  Well, ok then.  How about a belt?  Coming right up!

That's right, I went to work tucked and belted and strutting my stuff!  I haven't tucked and belted since sweatpants were invented!   I felt really good! 

We had our Thanksgiving potluck today too.   I did pretty good, eating smart instead of just indulging in everything.  I know I was over for the day, but I had (have) weeklies left and I don't mind dipping into them occasionally.  And I repeat, I ate well, not alot of garbage but the things that my body would make some use of even if the Point count seemed high.  Waldorf Salad is tough to pass up, but its better than Pumpkin pie!

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