Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Week

...I have done pretty good!  Where I wasn't presented with quality foods (Corporate Dining is deadly!), I concentrated on quantity and the (home) scale is promising good things for Saturday.   I have been eating my apple day (Honeycrisp Apples may cause me to file for bankruptcy!) and enjoying every minute of it.  Also lots of zucchini and crookneck squash, which I can't ever get enough of anyway, I love it so much just steamed and lightly seasoned. 

Tomatoes have become a major snack food for me, believe it or not.  If I am hungry in the evening, I will slice and salt and pepper a tomato, spread a little Light Mayo on it and eat it slowly with a knife and fork.  It satisfies me and is very low in Points.  Also finding better things to "snack" on is helpful.  Pretzels aren't horrible (watch the count!) and jerky is a good protein snack that gives you the comfort of chewing on something. 

I am looking more forward to Saturday than I have in quite sometime.  I really want to get the rest of this weight off and keep it off.  Sometimes I just want it more than other times.

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  1. Man I love honeycrisps! My BF's parents give us a HUGE bag of apples each week from their tree but I can not resist the HC! The season is short so I gotta splurge! :)