Saturday, June 18, 2011

Night Out Before Weigh In

Sometimes, it just has to happen.  I can't dictate when incredibly wonderful friends, whom I haven't seen for years, are going to arrive in town and want to party.  That being said, I got to chose the restaurant, so I went Spanish, with Tapas and Light Beer for me, and wine for my friends. The tapas were incredible, (I even got to talk to the owner to hopefully set something up for hubby's birthday in Sept.) we had good food; shrimp and garlic, mushrooms and garlic, Spanish tortilla, patatas bravas, wayyyy tooo much bread (and it wasn't even real "Spanish" bread).  It was good and I don't regret a minute of it. 

I do however wish that it had not come with an accompanying pound!

I am sensing a theme here though, folks.  Some of my heros and I are falling off this wagon and that is scary!  If my heros are not up there to hang to me and pull me back where I need to be, what the heck am I gonna do?  I am hanging on for dear life, I won't, I simply will not give in to this weight gain crap again!!

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