Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ok, No Title!!

It was easier that way!!

I go out wandering the internet never knowing quite what I might find, usually because I don't know what the heck it is I am looking for, other than to kill time.  Anyway, I find some interesting stories and inspirations and my wanderings today took me back in time to the first Thanksgiving I was away from home.  I mean, I was really away, like in a foreign country, across the ocean, without a phone (or a clue!).

Our family tradition was to have a turkey stuffing party the night before Thanksgiving.  We would all get together and mix up the stuffing and drink too much and laugh alot and I seem to remember at least one hair dying incident.  The problem with this set up was that no one knew what anyone else was doing, so I could be chopping onion, but I had no idea about the cornbread, or the eggs or the other ingredients.  But somehow through all the booze and debauchery, we always came up with a great Turkey Day. 

Then I got married to an man in the Air Force and they sent us far away.  To Spain.  So, when Thanksgiving rolled around, I was stumped.  I could only remember individual ingredients and some of them rather hazily.  (Remember the booze!) I could not remember how things went together and in what proportions and I was going to ruin Thanksgiving and my husband was going to divorce me and send me back to the States and wahhhhh!!!

So I did what any rational person would do.  I called home, COLLECT!! About a gazillion dollars a minute to ask for a recipe.  Thank God my parents loved me.  I might still be in Spain otherwise.  My stepmom cut the call short though and said she'd mail it to me and she was as good as her word. 

And my dressing was as almost good as hers was.  I think the booze and debauchery were essential ingredients.

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