Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving come and gone.  Didn't do too bad.  I haven't gone for an official Weigh In since my stepmother passed away, but I am watching it on my scale at home and am doing ok.  I guess maintenance is ok under the circumstances.  I will get back into the routine next Saturday, go to a meeting, take my licks (if I have any coming) and get back in the business of getting rid of some more of this lard. 

I stuffed another turkey yesterday (two on thanksgiving, one yesterday).  I could go into business.  It came out pretty good.  We will have leftovers which is what its all about.  I will have to be very careful here because I can eat me some turkey sandwich!!  One of my favorites with cranberry sauce and "real" mayo.  and lots of salt.  I am gaining weight just thinking about it!!

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