Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, What to Say?

Still here, still plugging along.  Weigh In today as up .6 in one week.  Not bad considering the crap I managed to consume this week.  Nachos?  Are you kidding me?  Not one serving, but two?  Puleeze!
And then work group Thanksgiving pot luck with turkey, dressing, potatoes, 3 different kinds of bread, etc, etc, etc.  I did not over eat, I did not get uncomfortable full, but I managed to try a little of everything.  And it was all quite good (I made the scalloped potatoes).   If I can maintain thru Thanksgiving, I will be ok.  We don't make a big Christmas dinner or anything, so not alot to worry about there.  I just have to pace myself.

One big problem is feeding my grief.  Food has always been a "friend", one that brings great solace in times of discomfort, emotional turmoil and stress.  At least I am aware of this and that gives me a little bit of an edge and allows me to, at the very least, question myself when I go to put something in my face.   If I really want something (nachos anyone?) I want to make sure I know why I am eating it.  Unconciously feeding my grief is not good.  Indulging myself because thats what I want at that moment is marginally more acceptable. The first I can get lost in, the second, I have some control over.

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