Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Interrupted

On Sept. 4th, I posted the following:

When I typed "Getting Closer" I realized it had a couple of meanings to me this week. Yesterday I was contacted by my fathers only sibling, an aunt I have been estranged from for some time. She wants to kiss and make up (get closer!). I am not so sure that I'm ready to make nice. She is high maintenance and I do not have the time nor patience anymore for that kind of nonsense. I will meet her halfway. See what comes of it. I can always back away if things get hard to swallow again. Geez, family!!

Well, I did meet with my aunt and we had a nice breakfast, mended fences, hugged each other and told each other we "I love you" in a meaningful way.  This morning, I got a call from her daughter in law that my aunt had had a massive stroke while on vacation visiting her son, his wife and kids. She is not expected to survive. 

Man, I am so glad we had the opportunity to patch things up.  I would have forever regretted that.

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