Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Mind Boggles!

Today, I took a tuna sandwich to work.  2.6 oz of tuna, 2 slices of bread, a couple of teaspoons of mayo, about 6 PPs.  Not bad!  I thought "I will get a couple of slices of tomato and some lettuce from the cafeteria at lunch time to dress this up.  What about some Pop Chips?"  So I investigated PP for Pop Chips.  3 PPs a serving!  "Too High!, I'm not wasting 3 PPs!" 

So, come lunch time, I toddle over to said cafeteria and go to the counter to get some tomato and lettuce and guess what I wind up ordering in addition?  A side of onion rings!  "Are you kidding me?  Are you gonna eat those?" 

Well, the answer was yes!  So while I found 3 PPs worth of Pop Chips outrageously high, somehow I could justify onion rings (8 PPs by the way).  Yep, I tracked it!  DAMN!

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