Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weigh In and Wow, What's Going On?!

Well, down .4 this week.  Nothing stupendous, but down!  I will take it! 

I just realized I haven't blogged in quite some time.  Me, Write? Wrong! I have been so incredibly busy (and resultantly tired) that its all I can do to read ya'll's blogs, much less try to string words together into something resembling a sane conversation with myself, cause really, isn't that what this is?  (Not to discount you all!  I love you all and am really, really happy you are here!)

I am once again caring for a "parent", this time my step father.  He's 82 years old and recently started experiencing heart problems.  He underwent emergency angioplasty the Dec 23rd and had one artery rotor-rootered.  The other is expected to be done on Feb. 09.  I hold his medical power of attorney so I have to be involved in all the hoopla.  Oh joy!  And to top things off, he has the pain threshold of a gnat!  So, the whining is often unbearable to me who has a tendency to approach life with an over abundance of "Suck It Up".  My personal physican would tell you I have a little too much of that, to the point of ignoring things that I should pay a little more attention to, but getting sick takes time and I don't have any to spare, Sorry!

I really want to blog about the Hellions too!  The cats, that is!  They are so funny and exasperating!  One minute I am laughing at their antics and the next I am looking up phone numbers for "Coyotes R-US" with the intent of feeding them to said Coyotes.

I have received another award/recognition from my sweet little (quasi) sister Suzi, who apparently inherited all of the runner's genes, because I got none!  I will post a separate note about that, because I think it deserves special notice.

Ok, considering that I am rarely posting at all these days and that I have done three loads of laundry and moved furniture (think giant computer armoire) out of my office and typed this thing up all simultaneously, I think I will take a break. 

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