Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weigh In and Really Rotten Day!

Yippee, I lost a couple pounds.  

Today, a vibrant young woman, wife of a U.S. Air Force Pilot and Astronaut and mother of 2 children was gunned down on the streets of my town.  Gabrielle Giffords was/is a Senator from Arizona.   As of right now, she has had surgery and is expected to recover from a gunshot to the head.   I am soo sad!

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  1. Sorry it's affecting you, I can't imagine being from the site and having all this attention focused there; at least they're not running around blaming the town, the environment right there, and such. This is such a huge story it's been everywhere all day long. I'm horrified, this isn't supposed to be the country where some politicians joke about "reloading" and "making a stand" and then crazy people follow through. I'm not voting for anyone in the future who talks like their hat is on their backside.
    {I do, but i'm not running for office as though i know the direction we all should go, and i'm not making the laws to govern behavior. Yarp.}