Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The business that kept me from eating properly yesterday was my stepdad.  He was scheduled for angioplasty today and we went to the VA hospital, per instructions, for a pre-op workup.  He determined that was the optimal time to point out that he had this thing that was hurting him "right here" on his left side, at which time the cardiologist pulled the brake rope and tossed us all, head first,  into a nightmare that could only be born in a hospital.

The cardiologist told us that he wanted my stepdad admitted for some further testing, but there were no open beds in the hospital.  So he notified the attending in emergency that he was sending him down for a CT scan and then wanted him admitted.  Off we went to emergency and they settled my stepdad onto a gurney and I went home. 

This morning I got up and called the hospital to find out what room he had been sent to, only to find out he was still in emergency and there were still no beds in the hospital.  Daammmnnn!  I wouldn't treat a dog like this, much less an 82 year old man with a heart condition!

So, to try and shorten this, all the addtional testing is done and any aggravating factors have been discounted and they will do the angioplasty tomorrow.  He will have to stay in the hospital until Friday and then he will be released to me at which time I will bring him home to alleviate the aggravation of having to drive across town and walk a mazillion miles across this huge hospital complex (because parking sucks!) so he can drive me batty in my own home for at least another week. 

I am so blessed! 

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  1. Thanks for stopping my blog. Your advice was spot on! We usually do smaller mom & pop restaurants when we travel, but I scoped out everywhere we went ahead of time. I picked my meals and knew what substitutions I'd ask to make. Great, great tip!

    Also, your stepfather is in my thoughts and prayers. Unreal he can't get a bed...