Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week So Far

...and its only Tuesday.  I have eaten well so far this week, without eating TOO well.  All of a sudden I seem to be struggling to get in my good health guidelines and I have no real reason for it other than not planning.  So, scarce on veggies and oils and even my beloved dairy is getting short shrift.  Its laziness.  I think I have winter doldrums and, as most of the rest of the country would be quick to say, "What winter?  There is no winter in Arizona!"

Today stunk.  2 meeting practically back to back.  3 hours!  Out of a 9 hour day that is generally pretty packed anyway and today was crammed.  It makes for a mad house.  Oh, and they fed us during the second meeting.  Pizza, for God's Sake!  Now, thankfully, I did have prior notice to this so I brought salad dressing from home (yes, they bought salad too, Thanks, Barb!) and ate salad like a fiend.  Then I went in for pizza.  It was ok, not my favorite.  The pizza are HUGE and are cut into squares instead of wedges so I had 1 - 4 inch square with salami and sausage (I think), no veggies, no nothing.  And another, about half that size, of Hawaiian style.  And then I also had a cookie!  Chocolate chip, no less!  I don't think I did horrible, I have done much, much worse.  But I will never understand why, once you enter the doors of corporate hell, you are doomed the eat this crap.  Continental Breakfast, Pizza for Lunch, and huge expensive and caloric dinners if you go out with the gang. 

I think its a conspiracy.  We just want to kill each other off with cholestoral and fat induced heart attacks.  Its the fastest way to a promotion!

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