Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weigh In and On my Way!

Well, I lost 2 lbs this week and made my weight loss officially 45 lbs total.  My goal of reaching 150 is getting closer even though its still far enough over the horizon that I can't quite see it.   I truly do not remember ever being that thin. 

While I have some to lose in other places, the vast majority of my residual weight now lies in my bust! It just refuses to budge.  I have dropped a couple of bra sizes in the around measurement (44-40), the cup size remains the same.  It this rate, I am going to be so top heavy, we are going to have to prop me up with a stick!  Oddly enough, I don't look disproportionate yet, but who knows what another 15 lbs is going to do.  Oh well, I will worry about that when I get there


  1. Well done, 45lbs is amazing! You should feel very proud of yourself! x

  2. I am thrilled, Alisonds! I am loving my new body more than I can even communicate. Its great to feel and look this good!