Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weigh In and Milestones and Eating New Things

I haven't posted for a while, but I am doing great.  I was down 1.2 today, HOT DAMN.  I have so struggled sometimes, and rejoice when the loss is significant like this (as opposed to a .2 loss).  I feel great and I can't wait (I almost typed weight!) until spring when I can quit dressing like the Michelin Man.  I am now into a size 14 pants from an 18W/20W.  That's a 14 with NO W!!  Are you kidding me?! I don't ever remember wearing a 14.  Ever! 

I had to take a sweater back to the store because it was too big.  Another giant NSV.  I am busty and tops are (were) a problem.  I have often been 2 sizes larger on top than on my pants or skirts, and dress or sets have been almost impossible for me to buy.  So anyway, I bought this gorgeous sweater made even prettier by being on sale and low and behold, it hung on me like a gunny sack.  A very attractive gunny sack, but still!!  I took it back and exchanged it for the next size down.  (I hate to try clothes on in stores, a phobia born of trying to buy clothes that look nice on an obese teenager, with critical parents standing by.  Its murder on ones self esteem.  I hate dressing rooms and mirrors. So I don't try things on.  I buy them, take them home, try there and take them back if necessary. Silly, but something I may never recover from!)

Trying new foods! What fun!  So last week it was bulgur.  I have made this before and it wasn't so hot!  But that was my fault!  I didn't give it a chance!  This time I researched recipes and found ones that interested me and kind of concocted my own mix of flavors that appealed to me.  I made a bulgar recipe that called for green onions, tarragon, parsley, garlic and chicken broth and a bit of orange juice and zest.  OMG, its all I ate for lunch for 3 days.  1 cup cooked bulgar = 5 PP.  And it was good and it was filling and its flavorful and I bought more bulgur at the store today.  I am hooked.

I also bought a couple of Pepino Melons.  Unremarkable little boogers and certainly not worth $4.99 a lb in my opinion.  Oh well, win some, lose some. 

I am so happy that I have the opportunity and the wherewithall to try new things and that I am the kind person that enjoys doing so.  I have an adventurous pallet and I consider that a great asset in the weigh loss journey because I am not stuck only eating certain things or denying vegetables cause "I hate veggies" or "You ate what?!".  I will try anything once and if something I can adapt to my life and I can afford it, what the heck, I just expanded my horizons.

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