Monday, December 21, 2009

Day at the Movies and Follow UP on the Follow Up

Hubby stayed home today so we could go to the movies together.  How cute?! Kinda threw me a little, he's not normally one to even suggest such a couple thing, much less take time of to carry it out. 

So I got him up around 8 am, then we went to breakfast and afterward the movie.  Early Bird movie special $15.00.  Not bad.  We saw 3D Avatar.  It was wonderful.  The story line was predictable, but the effects were mesmerizing and I found myself reacting emotionally to some of it.  Wow, thats all I can say.   After the movie, we went and got passport photos taken, then went to the Post Office to drop off our passport applications. 

Now, the downside of all of this.  First off, movie popcorn.  I stuck with a medium, which is huge, but I got it Buttered.  I know, I know.  I will regret that.  But being as this is like the second movie I have been to in 15 years, I am not going to get to wrapped around that particular axle.   And I did stick with a Diet soft drink. 

And the other negative is the Hubs is a pain in the neck!!  He has absolutely no patience, hates lines, bitches about everything... As we were STANDING IN LINE to submit our passport applications, all I could think of is "Where are you going with this grouchy butt head that you need a passport for?  Are you going to pack him in a suitcase and send him in the cargo bay?" "Go by yourself and he can follow later". 

I mean really!!

Now that soup... Like most soups and stews, it was better tonite than last nite. I mean really better, like I ate 2 bowls.  I am going to hate myself in the morning!!

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