Sunday, December 20, 2009

Follow up on Soup

Ok, so I made the soup and, frankly, I was unimpressed.  It was hardy, tasted ok, just didn't wow me.  Son in Law liked it, granddaughter not so much.  Hubby said needed more heat, but he says that about everything!! 

Next up, stuffed collard greens.  Hey, I will try anything once.

Oh, and about the snake pic.  That was a little (about 1 ft) snake we found in the yard.  I actually like snakes (I pretty much like all animals).  When you live in the "Wild West" you learn to appreciate all the critters.  If we didn't have snakes we would have bigger rodent problem than we do and thats already bad.

I have had a number of "pet" snakes over the years including a Reticulated Python that reached 17 ft before we donated her to a zoo!!  However, I don't want to freak anyone out or keep them from reading so if even pics of the beasties frighten you, let me know.

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