Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thinking too much

I have heard a number of people say "I don't want to think about this so much.  I have food on my mind all the time! I want to live normally!".  The only thing I can think to say is 220 lbs is not normal!!  Or at least its not the normal I want.

When I quit smoking, quitting smoking was the only thing on my mind.  Every minute of every day for the first 3 months I had to recommit to not smoking. I have to make the same commitment to the weight loss.  And frankly, I don't spend all that much time thinking about it.  I plan for my week and then I stick to my plan, good little robot that I am.  If you are planning meal to meal, or daily, it might be harder.  If I plan weekly, I really only think about it when I am planning.  I can actually log my points a week in advance and know what I am in for for the week.  I just have to COMMIT.

Yesterday was the first "real" Weigh In for me since Mom died.  I was down .2, better than I was expecting. Between Thanksgiving and catered wakes, I figured I had gained some.

Then I got soooo sick.  I went out to breakfast and had an omelet and it did not sit well at all.  When I finally did toss it, it was a welcome relief.  I hate to retch like that, it makes my entire body ache, but I was glad to be rid of whatever was causing my stomach that much misery.  So points yesterday were 0!  Nothing stayed down long enough to count.

This morning I feel much better.  I just ate an egg and a couple slice of bacon with an Orowheat Sandwich Round.  Good Stuff.  Happy tummy.

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