Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre Holiday Happenings

Well, you know its been too long since you posted when Blogger make you sign in again!!  Jeez!

This is such a crazy time of year.  We are so busy at work.  We close down for the week beginning Christmas eve and don't come back until Jan 04 this year.  And of course, everyone wants everything done before close down and they all waited til the last minute! I leave the job just exhausted. I need to make sure I am taking my vitamin.  I am so forgetful about pills.

Then there is FOOD.  Guy brought in homemade Baclava today.  Cripes!!  Then we all went to lunch and had Mexican food.  I didn't do too badly, had a shredded beef burrito (about 3/4 of a huge one), but it was just the burrito, not a combo plate, so no rice and beans.  Lots of chips and smoking hot salsa.  I wish the heat from that sauce would crank off a calorie or two! That shit was so hot, it would have been a negative calorie intake.  Good stuff.

I did lose last weigh in and am down a total of 16.2 lbs.  I don't know how I am doing it, except not eating dinner.  Damn, by the time I get home I am usually still full from whatever we are noshing at work or too tired to think about eating.  I can't keep this up, but tomorrow is my last day of work until the 4th of Jan (yeah, I take some vacation days in conjunction with the shut down.  It's a nice break) so the temptation will be gone after tomorrow.  I will survive!

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