Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Me Drunk and I'll Do Anything!

Had a day in court today (civil suit) in which there were no winners.  Parents vs kids, really ugly Judge Judy crap that I would have given my left arm to not have been a participant in, much less a plaintiff.  There are some potential compromises on the horizon.  We shall see. 

After court, all I wanted was a pitcher of Margaritas.  I settled for two!!  I am easy!

Then when we got home, I let hubby take pictures of me before I started staggering.  So, here we go all.  My first before picture.  God help me.  And I have alreadry lost 23 pounds.  Its a good place to start I guess.

03/17/2010 - Edit:  FYI, I shared those 2 pitchers with my husband and my sister.  I am not that foolish!
03/26/2010 - Edit:  Photo moved to side bar.


  1. aww It's so nice to see the face behind the blog! :) "HI" :) You look great- congrats on the 23 pounds GONE so far!

    mmm margaritas! lol

  2. I have such a hang around today and my hands are so swollen from all that salt, I can't take my rings off. Not sure it was all worth it. But thanks for the kudos!