Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today I Feel...

You know those refrigerator magnets with the multiple lines of facial expressions?  You know, the Today I Feel magnets.  This is the best I could find with Google:

(I love me some Google.  I should buy stock!) 

Anyway, this one doesn't have alot of options and it certainly doesn't have "Today I Feel Yucky!" 

Which is really how I feel.  So what does yucky feel like?  I don't feel healthy or confident, I feel like I looked like crap all day.  I don't feel feel sick, but I don't feel well.  I don't feel inspired or particularly interested in anything.  I did everything I was supposed to do and there were no awful things happening so what's going on?  Perhaps its just spring fever.  I need to be careful about that.  Some folks would feed you cod liver oil as a cure for that!!  Then I know I would feel yucky for sure!!

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