Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weigh in and Doctor Appointments

Not in any particular order. 

Lets start with Doctor stuff.  Hubby woke up last Thursday and could not see out of his right eye.  Did nothing about it all day.  Told me about it when I got home from work and I freaked out.  What in the hell do you think with, man?  You only have 2 eyes and they are very fragile.  Lets not screw around when one isn't working right, ok.  So off to the emergency room we went.  Hubby has had double cataract surgery and after (cough, cough) careful examination, the on-staff opthamologist said he just need to have his cataract lens lasered and all would be well.  Well, 6 days went by before Hubby could get into see HIS opthamologist, who did do a thorough exam and low and behold, it has nothing to do with the cataract lens, Hubby has a torn retina.  IN THREE PLACES! Sometimes, I just can't stand the ineptitude!!  So, last nite around 5 pm, a very nice Retina Specialist with a decidedly British accent operated on my less than patient patient, Hubby!!  Today, the Retina Specialist took the bandages off and examined his work and, in that very special British way, declared it "quite nice, thank you"!!  Hubby will be fine until I kill him and that could happen sooner rather than later some days.

Weigh in, - 1.2.  .4 lbs away from that elusive 25 lb loss and almost where I was the last time I was on WW and quit.  It ok, its downward movement and I am liking it.  I have averaged a .9 loss weekly since I started so I am within range on this.  If this is the way of things then I accept that.  As our leader says "Slow is faster than never".  

I also bought new undergarments today.  The Girls needed some assistance and my old stuff wasn't fitting right anymore.  I have lost 4 inches in my chest wall size, so just the around me part.  The part of me that enters the room first hasn't budged. 

Shrimp for dinner tonite with rice and asparagus.  I will post when I figure out how I am going to make the shrimp.

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