Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Recipe for the Shrimp for Dinner Tonite

Well, I am using this recipe.  But its copyrighted and as I don't know what the protocol is on posting that to my blog, I will post a link instead and you can go find it.  Looks really good.

Spicy Mustard Shrimp

Edit:  Ok, this was incredibly good.  Hubby says:  "This one's a keeper" and then he kissed the cook!!  It is very spicy.  The recipe calls for tabasco and I substituted one of my new loves, sriracha sauce.  Its got a kick, I have to warn you, but damn, its soo good.  I also substituted lemons for limes, which I didn't have any of, and squeazed a quarter lemon over everything on my plate.  Wow, ridiculous.  Dinner is over, I am still savoring it.  Awesome.

And I took a pic!!

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