Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weigh In and Hubby

Weigh In was good, -.6, can't complain considering the week contained things like fried shrimp and rattlesnake eggs (jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and broiled. To Die For!). Sometimes, Ms. Suzi I think our bodies just are so happy we gave them something NOT good for them, they reward us.  Like kids at Halloween!!  You don't need all that crap, but it sure makes ya happy!

I think Hubby has finally figured out that I am serious about this weight loss and not off on one my tangents, not that I do that often, but its not unheard of. 

Last weekend,  I decided to celebrate my 27 lb loss with a steak barbeque.  I made baked potato and black eyed peas to go with.  I bought a T-Bone for me (I only eat the loin side!), and a Porterhouse for Hubby cause that's his favorite.  So, I got my plate prepared, my loin steak, half a baked potato and about a cup of beans and I went to the table.  Hubby came in a few minutes later with HALF of his steak, the other HALF of my baked potato and about a cup of beans.  WOW, I was so impressed.  He's starting to pay attention to what he eats.  I can't get him to weigh himself, or at least tell me what he weighs, but I figure he could stand to lose 30 to 50 lbs, just like me.  So if I am rubbing off on him, this is all the better.

BTW, I was thinking about my weight loss to date earlier today.  I am averaging 1 lb per week.  That's good, right?!  So, to extend that out to one year, I will lose 52 lbs if I stay the course.  Thats only 6 months away!!  I can do that standing on my head!!  Well, maybe not on my head, but you know...

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