Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walking, walking

Well, I now have 2 days of solid walking under my belt.  I start first thing in the morning and do an aerobic walk between 2 buildings at work.  It's almost exactly 2 miles and I can cover it in about 25 minutes (if I don't have to pee!!).  It not exactly flat as I originally thought, there is a slight grade to it, but its a good training course for someone that hasn't walked more than a 100 yards in damn near as many years.  The weather is changing and the winds are supposed to kick up and I hate wind.  If its bad, I won't walk, which inspired me to walk today.  Now there is a combination of words I would have never expected from myself;
Walking and Inspiration!! 

The balance of the day, the other 3 miles, is just the distance that I walk around work.  I make a concerted effort to go to the bathroom farthest away from my desk (without leaving the building) and as much water as I drink, I go lots!! 

Aren't I just something (or other)?

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