Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love Spring

Despite the fact that the weather has been weird, cold and wet for us, I love Spring.  Things are blooming and the birds are all dancing and singing and nesting and getting those eggs layed and hatched.  This is just my favorite time of year.  The following are just in my front yard.  And remember, I live in the desert and I don't water anything.  Mother Nature takes care of that for me.  Its the only way to roll when you live in a water deprived environment. 

This is a kangaroo paw.  Its native to Australia.  Its a strange, lovely plant and I should have taken this picture several weeks ago when those little fuzzy things were crimson in color.  Unfortunately, they fade over time and I didn't catch them soon enough.

This is my driveway wall.  Its covered with a cat claw vine which I need to cut down to the ground, but wanted to get some photos of before hand while it was blooming. 

Its very prolific and if left to its own devices will tear up the wooden cover of the driveway so we cut it down every year and it comes back looking like this.  I love my cat claw!!

See, up in the eves how thick it is.

This is an even better picture of that density. Its cool cause the birds like to nest in it, and I don't mind that myself.

And the flowers are beautiful.

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  1. love your garden, especially that vine. Gorgeous!