Monday, April 19, 2010


Tomorrow I fly into Santa Clara, CA for a conference.  I have never been there and am (was) really looking forward to going, but looks like the weather is going to be all hosed the entire time I am there.  Pfffftttt!

So, taking some work out clothes so I can go to the gym in the hotel instead of talking the walks I so enjoy and, of course, an umbrella so I can get from the car to the restaurant I want to go to (I am going to the Fish Market for at least one meal).  As for working out in the gym, hopefully, it will give me the opportunity to try some of the equipment out and determine if I would like to actually join a gym at home.  I can't see me actually doing that, but, hey one never knows!  I could start a wild affair with an eliptical thingy (have no idea what it is actual called!).

I am so pathetic sometimes.

By the way, Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of my quitting smoking.  Damn, I rock!!

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