Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weigh In and the County Fair

Well, I was up a bit today, .8 to be exact, but that's ok. Traveling is hard on the Plan and regardless of what I did (or didn't do) there were so many variables that I couldn't meet.  Just my water intake alone was hosed!!  So, its all good and we move on. 

I am still really "puffy".  My hands are swollen and my fingers look like little sausages. I need to drink lots more water and wash this crap out of my system. 

Its been a busy weekend.  Got hair cut and colored yesterday, weigh in today and nails done too and we are going to go to the County Fair tonite.  One of my favorite country artists, Jake Owen, will be performing and I really would like to see him.  Linky thing -- > YeeHaw

And somewhere out there, there is a corndog with my name on it!!

Our leader today asked us if we "partied" after weigh in, knowing we didn't have to do that again for a week.  Of course the answer was Yes!  Then she asked "When do you start making those plans?"  My answer:  "As soon as I step off that scale".  I don't think I got any points for honesty!?


  1. We talked about that at our weight watchers meeting today too :) I'm sure you'll work off that gain this week, no probs!

  2. Well, welcome Michelle and thanks for the inspiring words. I just can't get too many friends.