Monday, May 3, 2010

Cold in Arizona in May? What is that about!!?

I got my walk in this morning, but it was like 44 degrees and the wind was probably blowing about 10 mph.  Just enough to make me miserable.  It was cold, brrrrrrrr!!  I am a desert rat and anything below 60 usually has me grubbing for fleece!  I got a 1.5 mile power walk, and still managed to get my 5+miles overall in.

I am complaining about it being cold, but a few years ago, I wanted to take my grandkids to the Desert Museum, a really cool zoo here in Tucson.  It was in the summer and I had to wake their little tyke butts up really early so we could get moving before it got too hot.  We arrived at the zoo about 7 am.  It was, now no kidding, 110 degrees.  At 7 am!!  I wanted to die!!  We strolled for a couple hours, but that was it.  Nana was melting and even the damned coyotes have enough sense to get out of the heat!  Went home and got in the pool. 

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