Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Few Yesterdays Ago!

Today I was reminiscing about youthful escapades and a favorite memory popped up!  One in which I was relatively thin and really young, maybe 25!

I don't recall exactly how it happened, but somehow or another I wound up being a chaperon for the Base High School's senior class trip!  Remember, my husband was in the Air Force?  Anyway, the trip was 4 days, 3 nights to Ibiza, a beautiful island in the middle of the Meditteranean Sea off the coast of Spain. I had to pay my own way, but I wanted to go so badly. My husband stayed home and it was just me, one other adult not much older than I, and about 30 teenagers. 

When we got to our hotel on the island, I called a meeting on the patio while the hotel staff processed the stampede.  I told everyone "You are or will be legal adults in the not too distant future.  I am not going to tell you how to behave, where to sleep, what to drink or not drink, etc.  I am here to make sure that there is an adult available in case of an emergency.  Otherwise, you guys all go have a good time.  I will leave word of my daily location with the front desk if you need me".   And then I prayed.  And then I headed for the beach!

Topless Beach!!  Now, before you go getting all freaked out, this is totally normal on most of the beaches in Europe.  They have a totally different attitude about the body than most Americans do.  We are really prudes!  It took me all of about 30 minutes to relax enough to actually go topless on the beach and I probably did it more because I felt out of place fully dressed (with top) when everyone around me was half naked. 

It was glorious fun and I enjoyed the rest of the time we were there getting sunburned in the damnedest places.  The kids actually did really well and we only had one mishap; a broken leg in a moped accident.
Of course, there is no telling what happened nine months after the fact.  After all, I wasn't checking beds.

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  1. I won't even use the locker room to get my bathing suit on at the pool. lol I'm shy. :)