Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weigh In and Blog Awards

Weigh In...Down .6 for a total of 34 lbs gone!  Ok Then!!  I was hungry this morning and took a banana and milk with me to the meeting and chowed down while we talked about breakfast.  I love breakfast.  Normal breakfast for me is an egg, a couple of slices of crisp bacon, a Sandwich Thin and fruit of some kind.  And don't forget my 12 oz of fat free milk!! I have no problem with a 9 point breakfast.  It gets me going and keeps me satisfied until lunch and that's what its about to me.  And, of course, anything with bacon is heavenly!

Suzi gave me my blog award last week and I did part of the requirements but had not passed it on as yet.  So here are my three awardees.  Love your blogs, all!!  Enjoy.

Rapunzel   Jessie   Sally

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  1. Great job on the loss! Congrats on the 34 GONE!! :) WHOOHOOO!