Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Clothes or No?

Ok, I have to ask here because I love to stir the pot and would like to know what you all think.  In the process of your weight loss, did you buy new clothes along the way?  Did you wait until you had lost 5 sizes before you could convince yourself that you needed some new duds?  I, personally, am having so much fun buying clothes and I still have a metric ton (ok, a metric 30 lbs) to lose, but I like to look nice and I don't feel like I look nice in the gunny sacks that my previous sizes have now become.  Just by virtue of the fact that they just hang on me.  I am also removing my "fat" clothes from my closet as soon as they can actually be defined that way.  I won't leave myself any excuse for backward movement.  On the other hand, I know a number of people who won't make the investment. 

To me, that is self doubt.  I know where I am headed.  I don't intend to go back where I came from.  I may never make it all the way to the goal that WW says I should be reaching for.  And that's ok.  Dammit, I am an old lady.  Even the doctors expect some fat!!  But I will no longer allow myself the indulgence of 220 lbs.  Ridiculous!! 

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  1. I buy as I need them. I try not to spend much on those "disposable" clothes. But it is better to have clothes that fit rather than hang off. :)