Saturday, May 8, 2010

Imitation Crab

Costco used to sell the most awesome imitation crab and they had an awesome recipe for a salad that if my memory serves was something like Mermaid Salad.  Which kinda gave me the Willies cause I always had a vision of Ariel missing a bite out of her tail!!  Anyway, Costco quit carrying this yummy stuff and I quit eating Mermaid Salad because I am suspicious of fake food and without an opportunity to taste I wasn't investing anything into fake crab from a lesser source.  Until yesterday...

I went to Safeway to pick up a few things and I wanted some shrimp.  I didn't see any right away so asked the butcher, a young woman, and she showed me right to the shrimp.  We were talking about recipes and she asked me if I had ever tried their imitation crab and, of course, I hadn't.  And then she gave me a sample and then I swooned.  No, actually, I grabbed a package and brought it home and made some Mermaid Salad for lunch today.  Ariel be damned!!  I should have bought more, its on sale, and I might go back and get some to freeze.  Wow, just wow.  Here is the recipe.  Please note, I used full up mayonnaise and whole (white and yolk) eggs for this.  If you use light or fat free mayo and only egg white, this is probably practically Point free.  It's also nowhere near as tasty.   Also, I think next time I would add a little more fake crab.  Its good. 

Mermaid Salad
POINTS® Value: 3
Servings: 10


4 item(s) whole hard-boiled egg(s), diced
1 cup(s) Vidalia onion(s), diced
1 1/2 cup(s) tomato(es)
3 cup(s) Iceberg lettuce, Shredded
3 medium stalk(s) celery, diced
1/2 cup(s) Best Foods Real Mayonnaise
1 tsp table salt
2 Tbsp McCormick Ground black pepper
1/3 pound(s) imitation crab, chopped or shredded

Mix all ingredients together. Serve on Triscuits or Flatout (rolled up).
Serving Size is about 1 cup

We put about a cup on a Flatout Flatbread and rolled it up. Oh, mermaids are yummy things!!

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