Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4.5 Hour Meetings w/Lunch

Ok, so we had a 4.5 hour meeting today, including lunch, which was the closest thing one could have to an indoor BBQ.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, chile for the hot dogs, boneless skinless chicken breast!!  There was BBQ beans,  potato salad, and coleslaw, bakers fries, peach and apple cobbler and ice cream.  Tea and lemonade. 

So how I do?  Well, I started out ok.  I had a chicken breast, a couple slices of tomato, some coleslaw, a little beans. And I had a little peach cobbler (I was really very, very good!!) and NO ice cream. Not bad huh?!  But then...

I went back thru the kitchen.  Damn!!  I had a little bowl of that chile with some more coleslaw on it.  Not once, but twice.  You'd think I was starving to death. 

I should have just ate the damned ice cream.  

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