Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am a little (ok, alot) demanding sometimes and I want what I want, when I want it.  Its frustrating as all get out to go to the store looking to buy something you know and like, only to find IT'S NOT THERE.  Nor is it at any other store you have been to recently. 

Case in Point:  Flatouts Flat Bread.  This stuff is so good and I have only found it once at Frys (which is Kroger).  It didn't sell apparently, so they haven't ordered it since.  Did they make an effort to market it?  Uh, NO!  Anyway.

So I have this brilliant idea.  I will procure and send to anyone that wants something that we have here in trade for someone doing the same for me.  Example is the Arizona Brand Corn Tortillas for Tacos and Tostadas.  These are exquisitely thin and make the best tacos.  I will send several dozen to whoever is willing to buy some Flatouts and send them to me.  Of course, because these things are perishable, we can't send them by mule train so I will have to look into costs on this, but I am willing to investigate if there is anyone that thinks this is a worthwhile trade off.   I damned tired of chasing something I can't find when I know good and well one of you has a stash of it somewhere!!

Edit:  Yes, I know I can buy them from the manufacturer, but I don't need 7 pkgs and the shipping cost for those 7 pkgs is equal to or more than the cost of the goods. That's crazy to me.  I work in the shipping industry, I know we can do better than that!


  1. I think the local store by me sells them. What flavor do you like? Email me!


  2. Oh my I love your blog...just found it and I so miss those tortillas. I grew up in Glendale and I miss really good tortillas..we have flatouts in South Dakota but I see that you found them close! Good for you they are great!