Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Share Presentations

We sat through a time share presentation this morning at a resort here in Cabo.  A spectacularly beautiful place that I would give my left arm to have bought into, but we don't have that kind of money readily available and I am reallly quite fond of my left arm.  For putting up with the "Bullies" tho', we got 3 days free rental on a car, $100 in dining certificates, rental on a jet sky for 30 minutes, more food and beverage certificates, and Day Spa certs for 2.  Score!!  I felt kind bad knowing I wasn't going to buy in from the beginning and that I would be getting all these freebies regardless, but not bad enough to not do it anyway. 

I am trying like hell to watch what I am eating and only marginally succeeding.  Oh, well, it is vacation and how many more times to I expect to do something like this.  Zero!!

My cousin does not have a USB cable that fits my camera, so close your eyes and imagine a patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez with an ocean breeze blowing over you seducing you to buy time shares.  Um, I will post pictures when we get home!


  1. First of all....I can't believe you didnt take me to Cabo with you....bitch.

    Second of all, this time share story totally reminds me of that 'King Of Queens' episode where Doug makes Carrie sit through one to get the "free swag" LOL. I was literally laughing my butt off when I read that.

    I hope you are having a fabulous time my dear. You deserve it!! XOXO

  2. Thanks, Love. I am enjoying myself immensely. Spent a little money, ate all too well, got too much sun. How bad is that?