Friday, June 25, 2010

Found My Flatouts!!

There is a God and he likes to see me get my fiber!!  I had one more store to check out and whattya know?! They carried my Flatouts flatbread.  I really like these.  I can use them in so many ways, very versatile bread. 

This morning I went to my normal nail appointment, then to Kohl's for a little shopping and on to this store, Albertson's, to look for (and find) the Flatouts.  I didn't eat any breakfast and was starving by the time I got home around 10:30 am.  So I made myself a sammie.  Now this was one HELL of a sandwich and I can only forgive myself because its breakfast and lunch combined.  It was a Flatout spread with one tablespoon of Best Foods Light Mayo, 3 oz. Deli sliced Turkey, 2 oz Lacey Swiss Cheese and half an avocado schmeered all over.  Rolled that puppy and scarfed it down before I came in here and added it to my Point Tracker.  Um, can we say 12.5 Points!!?  Wow, but guess that's not too bad for two meals literally rolled into one.  I am full!!


  1. oh good Im glad you found them...I saw them yesterday at the store and wondered if you were able to find some! :) ENJOY!

  2. I was just surfing around and found your blog. I'm also a WW follower and live in Phoenix. I haven't had trouble finding flat-outs at Fry's. They are in the bakery area and not the bread ailse in my local Fry's.


  3. Linda, I have even asked the people in the bakery department about them and they don' carry them in the Fry's closest to me.