Friday, August 13, 2010

Bestest Friends!!

Do you have a really good friend, not including your significant other?  You know a sister in crime?  A cohort that just gets you?  Understands and sympathizes and is willing to kick anyone's butt including your own when necessary? 

That's my cousin Valerie.  She is my mother's brother's daughter, but my father and stepmother raised her from about 12 years old on.  I will tell you Valerie's whole story in another post.  Its a good one.

We call each other Sister.  She's about 5 years younger than I and is my nail tech.  We can talk about anything, from kids to bowel movements.  We laugh and joke and the people at the salon where she works get the biggest kick out of the two of us, because "You are always having so much fun!".  And, generally,  we are!  We can also be very critical of each other and BLUNT!  No holds barred between us! 

Val is also very good friends with my daughter.  The two of them started Weight Watchers last year together and their dramatic body changes were inspiring to me.  I knew when I was quitting smoking that I was going to gain weight and watching them lose was somewhat disheartening, but I also knew that once my "quit" was solid, that I would be returning to WW and "getting with the Program", too.   And I did.  In the meantime, they both fell by the wayside.

I have now exceeded Val's weight loss and she has decided that "Laura cannot beat me at this!".  So the competition is on.  It will be good for both of us and, ultimately, we will wind up raiding each others closets.  Just like any good sister would do.  I am sooo gonna beat her at this! 

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