Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weigh In and Water Retention and Food from the Sea

I woke up this morning all swollen up like a poisoned pup!  My fingers were so swollen they hurt.  Where did that come from?  And why do I have to stand on a scale today?  So, yes, I was up today, 1.2 to be exact.  I will probably be down 2 tomorrow, because I know its all water weight.  What I don't know is why.

I found these beautiful shrimp.  Look at these things!  Shrimp is an inappropriate name for them.

They are fresh water shrimp and 6 of them came to almost a pound!  They were a little pricey ($15.99 a lb) but thats ok for a now and then thing and still cheaper than eating out and when we eat out, I don't get to control the calories.

So, I found this amazing recipe for Crab Stuffed Shrimp at My Wooden Spoons.  I basically followed her recipe, I just made my own bread crumbs and added some lemon zest to the stuffing.   For me, this recipe was a lot of work!!  But it was really good.  I can honestly say, I only ate 1 stuffed shrimp!! Using the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder they came out to 4 pts per shrimp.  I plated up 2 thinking 1 would not be enough, but it really, really was.  And it made for a very pretty plate.


  1. What a beautiful plate indeed! Those shrimp look amazing!!

  2. biggest SHRIMP I ever saw! lol :) Puffiness be GONE! Hope you have a great Sunday!