Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dr. Visit and other stuff

Well, I promised to report what the Dr. said and he said "Way to go, girl!" or something along those lines.  He's impressed with the weight loss and very pleased that I have not returned to smoking, like that would ever happen!   He reduced my blood pressure medication dosage by HALF!  Is that cool or what?!  I am very happy in general with the way it went, but their scales sure needed calibration.  I refuse to believe what their scales say I weighed.  I have been weighing in on the same set of scales for almost a year (can you believe it?) and I trust them.  I told the Doc too.  He also said he want to see me when I reach 160, which is 10 lbs short of what WW says should be the high end of my goal.  He thinks it may be too much.  We will discuss it then.

On the eating side of things, today was Hubby's birthday day and I took him out for a steak dinner.  I didn't do toooooo bad!  I had half a filet mignon (4 oz?), a baked sweet potato with a tbls of butter, salad with raspberry vinegrette.  I also pulled some off the Tumbleweed onion (yes, it is what you think it is) and had a biscuit that was similar to cheesy garlic toast.

This has been one crazy week food wise and I hope it ends pretty damned soon (I think its over!).  Oh, God, maybe his scales were right?

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  1. We must be the same height. I get so many people telling me to stop losing weight- but I think 10 or 15 more pounds will be the end of it.

    Great job on the Dr. approval! :)